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Bug Reporting

For those with a Priority Support Plan license or during evaluation or the first 60 days after purchase, if you have any difficulties, errors or bugs when running PDF-eXPLODE, you can forward those issues with as much detail as possible to: E-mails are generally responded to within 24 hours .

All bugs can be reported (regardless of support plan license) by email to providing us with details of how to reproduce the bug and any screenshots.

Priority Support

This service is chargeable. Click here for Pricing. If you have a current Priority Support Plan or you are within the first 60 days of purchase of a new or version upgraded PDF-eXPLODE license, then on-site support via a 'Support' web link to your site is available for either fixing or advising on issues or a 'Meeting' link is provided where the product and its features can be demonstrated to meet your requirements.

Please contact 3000AD Support and advise them of your PDF-eXPLODE Support License, your version number, your Windows operating system (e.g.: Win7/Win8 or Win XP, etc.) and the nature of the problem in detail.

Priority Support Plan

Support services:
  • Help installing, configuring and testing proper operation of PDF-eXPLODE software.
  • Help diagnosing and solving problems with PDF-eXPLODE software where the software does not perform as advertised or documented
  • Help diagnosing and solving problems with PDF-eXPLODE software as a result of User permissions, security or other on-site issues
  • Product updates (e.g. Version 4.0 -> Version 4.1) and temporary fixes but not major upgrades (e.g. Version 4 -> Version 5)

Service Level:
  • Responses will be made by e-mail, phone or Skype at the support provider's discretion and may require use of a remote connection to the customer's PC
  • A response will be provided within 24 hours from the time of initial contact, excluding weekends and holidays

Net Support and Presentations:

Join a Net Support Session

To start a support session on your site with one of our support technicians, Click to commence the session.

A support executable file, which will allow us to connect to your PC, will commence downloading to your PC. You must run this 7 Mb file and it will then display a DISCLAIMER.

Please read and accept this disclaimer to continue. Next, a support screen displaying a session ID will appear. This session ID is automatically transferred to our network and can be seen by your support analyst within a couple of minutes of you starting the team session.

When your support analyst sees your incoming connection, he will then send you a request to ‘Allow’ him to connect to your PC to which you must respond in order to start the support session. As easy as that!

Join a Presentation

To participate in a pre-arranged PDF-eXPLODE presentation, click here if requested to do so.

A small file will download to your PC. You will need to run this file, and then complete the details requested onscreen as previously advised in your presentation invite.

Once you click join you will be connected to the presentation.

Purchase Support:

To purchase an annual support priority plan, click here. For pricing information, click here

Free Support

During the 45-day evaluaion period and the first 60 days after purchase, you are entitled to free priority support. Following that period, free support will consist of the following services only:
  • Self-service using resources provided on the product website
  • License activation reset for the purpose of re-imaging the disk on which PDF-eXPLODE was installed or moving the license to a different PC
  • Providing a download link for the current or previously purchased versions of the PDF-eXPLODE setup program
  • Customer database lookup/update of contact information, license ID and password
  • Re-send a copy of an invoice

You can also search the Knowledge Base articles. This covers heaps of error fixing articles and Tips/Tricks on how to imporove processing: We recommend you first search our Knowledge Base to find a solution or suggestion. It contains most of the common issues Users encounter. It also provides a step-by-step solution. Additionally, you can review the questions and answers below for some Tips/suggestions not shown in our Knowledge Base.

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 Trial and Purchase

  How Is PDF-eXPLODE Licensed?

  Can I Get a Trial Copy of PDF-eXPLODE?

  How Can I Buy PDF-eXPLODE?

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