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So what is special about PDF-eXPLODE?

PDF-eXPLODE is an electronic document distribution tool that lets businesses send batches of personalized PDF documents to designated recipients with the click of the printer button. Functioning as a Windows printer, PDF-eXPLODE can integrate with your existing business software. It captures a complete report or a Word or mail merge document sent to the printer and converts it to a "master" PDF.

It then explodes or bursts the master PDF into individual PDF attachments, sorts and batches them by email destination based on hidden tags embedded in the original report or document and then emails the PDF created as an attachment, with a user defined message.
It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

PDF-eXPLODE works with most business applications, including Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, Cognos, R&R Report Writer, MS Access, MS Word, MS Visual FoxPro, MYOB, Sage, QuickBooks, and other accounting software packages. It will DEFINITELY SAVE YOU MONEY.

How much can your company save with PDF-eXPLODE?

Hard Benefits

You no longer have the expense of postage and printing, and because you no longer have to stuff and seal envelopes, labor savings in addition to postage will result in more than $60 a month (based on 20 invoices per week); that's over $720 a year! This will sharply rise with the number of invoices issued, cost of postage, stationery and labor charges.

Soft Benefits

Improve office efficiency with better document filing, less paper handling. Improve cash flow with early delivery of invoices/statements to Clients. Improve Sales foresight and early warning analysis with a quicker delivery of Sales reports.

Let the ROI1 calculator show you how much you can save

On average, how many batches of invoices, purchase orders, statements and other reports does your company run each week?  
On average, how many individual documents are printed in each batch?  
How much do you spend on postage for each document?  
How much do you spend on printing and materials for each document?  
On average, how many hours per week are spent preparing, printing, stuffing and mailing the printed documents?  
What is the cost per labor hour for the people who perform the work?  
Potential Savings Per Month with PDF-eXPLODE * =
Potential Savings Per Year with PDF-eXPLODE * =
*Based on 50 working weeks per year. 1ROI = Return On Investment  

Elaine Retz

Accountant, California Retired Teachers
Association USA

"We appreciate how much using this program has facilitated a big job AND saved us a ton of money every month in supplies (printing, toner, envelopes, staples, labels, etc.) and POSTAGE! Your program not only saves us on the expense of supplies and postage but also saves us time too, which is equivalent to money saved!."

Martina Koziak

Chief Financial Officer
Page After Page USA

"By combining the functionality of Crystal Reports with PDF-eXPLODE, we are now able to create and distribute hundreds of individual reports in under 15 minutes, a process that took us days in the past. PDF-eXPLODE saves us $700 a month. and we're able to generate more revenue because my staff can focus on their core goals. Buying PDF-eXPLODE was a no-brainer"

Roger Cann

Business Information Officer, allpay.net UK

"Running alongside Crystal Reports, PDF-eXPLODE provides us with all the functionality we need to encrypt, name, and distribute individual multi-document files to a growing number of clients, already saving us in the region of £1000 per month. This figure will increase as we persuade more clients to take up this cost effective and environmentally friendly distribution method. PDF-eXPLODE is an excellent piece of software. I would certainly recommend it to others on the basis that it does what it is supposed to, is very configurable and the support in the initial set-up and learning curve is second to none. Allowing for the time difference, every e-mail I have sent – and there have been quite few – has always been answered straight away with good sound advice. Other suppliers I have dealt with sometimes take days to respond to a support call."

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