[From 1 Nov 2013]


14/12/2015 MF
  Single-user License 3-user License 5-user License 10-user License
DESKTOP $595      
TERMINAL/CITRIX SERVER $795 $1195 $1695 $2595
PRINT SERVER $795 $1195 $1695 $2595
REPORT SERVER $1695      

[All prices are in US Dollars]

Multiple copy purchase discounts will apply at the "checkout" on our e-commerce site when you purchase all the copies in the one order. You can purchase V4 by clicking the buy button on the Home page of this site or you can Click here

To understand the differences between each Server version, please Read This Article


PDF-eXPLODE Version 4 Single-user Edition is $595. Version 3 customers may purchase an upgrade for $135. Version 2 customers may purchase an upgrade for $225. Multi-license orders are discounted per the table below.

To upgrade Click here.

Please ensure you have your original purchase details (like account and password) so the upgrade can be validated. If you cannot locate your previous purchase invoice, please email indicating your company name under which the original purchase was made.

There is no published upgrade pricing for Server products. Please drop us an email to request a price, if you wish to upgrade.

Quantity New License [Each] V3->V4 Upgrade License V2->V4 Upgrade License
1 $595 $135 $250
2 $570 $120 $215
3 $545 $110 $199
4 $535 $100 $199
5 $515 $90 $199

[All prices are in US Dollars]


Our support plans were implemented on 1 Jan 2012 after 5 years of completely free after-sales service. Whilst it was our intention to continue our free high priority service, we found it increasingly difficult in the face of rising costs. In order to continue to provide our excellent service as well as keep costs down, we have devised the following cost effective plans which will continue to provide the best of support for your business critical document delivery processes.

Free Support

Priority Support (see definition below) will be provided at no charge during the 45 day Evaluation Period as well as the Startup Period, defined as the first 60 days beginning on the date of purchase of a product license.

After the Startup Period, free support will be limited to:

  • Self-service using resources provided on the product website.
  • License activation reset for the purpose of re-imaging the disk on which PDF-eXPLODE was installed or moving the license to a different PC
  • Providing a download link for the current or previously purchased versions of the PDF-eXPLODE setup program
  • Customer database lookup/update of contact information, license ID and password
  • Re-send a copy of an invoice

Priority Support

Priority Support is provided at no charge during the Startup Period and is available for purchase for a 12-month period provided that Priority Support has been purchased for all current licenses. So if you have multiple Desktop licenses, you must purchase Support cover for EVERY Desktop license.

Support includes:

  • Help installing, configuring and validating proper operation of PDF-eXPLODE software.
  • Help diagnosing and solving problems with PDF-eXPLODE software where the software does not perform as advertised or documented.
  • Help diagnosing and solving problems with PDF-eXPLODE software as a result of User permissions, security or other on-site issues.
  • Product updates (e.g. Version 4.0 -> Version 4.1) and temporary fixes but not major upgrades (e.g. Version 4 -> Version 5).
  • Responses will be made by e-mail, phone or Skype at the support provider's discretion and may require use of a remote connection to the customer's PC.
  • A response will be provided within 24 hours from the time of initial contact, excluding weekends and holidays.

[From 1 Jul 2014]

Priority Support Pricing

  Single-user License 2 Single-user Licenses Total 3 Single-user Licenses Total

4 Desktop Users/
3-user Server

5 Desktop Users/
5-user Server

Server License
DESKTOP $135 $235 $320 $400 $495  
TERMINAL/CITRIX SERVER $195     $275 $445 $650
PRINT SERVER $195     $275 $445 $650
REPORT SERVER $445          

[All prices are in US Dollars]

To purchase a priority support plan you can Click here

Pricing for other license combinations is available on request. E-mail: for a price quote or questions.

Per-incident Support

Priority support will be provided on a per-incident basis for US$150 in the event the Startup Period has passed and Priority Support has not been purchased.This support will provide support for the issue identified and will not include any other past or current issues not previously paid for. To purchase a 'Per-Incident' support please click here.

Once you have paid for the support, please contact us at describing your issue in detail. Please quote your Incident license no and wherever possible, attach your pdf-explode.log and any graphics of any on-screen errors.

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