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PDF-eXPLODE relieves the stress of distributing your Invoices, Statements or Paystubs from Crystal Reports or R & R Report Writer. Spend less time processing reports and more time on your business.                 Utilize the greatest Document Bursting distribution tool.

» Automatically split and email any Report, Invoices, Statements, Pay stubs and more
» Save time on document processing and save money on postage
» improve your cash flow and watch your office efficiency improve
» AND have spare time to yourself.
» Join the 1000+ users spread across 26 countries whose life is now easier using «

How does it work?


Simply link your PRINT button to our amazing software. Easy!

PDF-eXPLODE will convert your invoices, statements, remittances and payslips into PDF documents then eXPLODE them to multiple destinations as e-mail attachments. You can even customise the text in the body of the e-mail, embed images like Logos in the email body, password protect an exploded attachment - all with the press of one button.

Just click and walk away! Our document burster software will do the hard work.
Please try our document burster tool - you won't regret it.

What are the Benefits?

Every company generates documents for internal and external delivery - client invoices, supplier’s payments, various reports, etc. In addition to the excessive processing load on the Business's computer resources, overhead costs, associated with the daily, weekly or monthly reporting via postal or one-by-one e-mail distribution, are escalating. Businesses are forced to streamline and re-engineer their processes to be more time-efficient and cost effective.

PDF-eXPLODE will save you time, money and improve office efficiencies.

* Emailing Payslips     * Bulk Invoice Delivery     * Emailng Statements     * Email Paystubs

                              250 Payslips      → Sorted → Converted to PDF → Password Secured → Emailed → Archived → 10 Minutes*
                            1000 Invoices      → Sorted → Converted to PDF                                    → Emailed → Archived → 60 Minutes*
                            1000 Statements → Sorted → Converted to PDF                                    → Emailed → Archived → 60 Minutes*
 * based on PDF-eXPLODE V4, available free RAM, PC processor and Internet connection speed

Look what the Customers are saying....
"Denali Group ( has over 54 years moving commercial shipments as well as military personnel, we coordinate local, regional and international relocations. When researching document e-delivery options that would integrate with our MS Dynamics applications, PDF-eXPLODE rose to the top. It was straight forward to implement and has proven a great solution for automating the emailing of invoices. The support and attention received from 3000AD SYSTEMS was excellent."

Tina Synder, Project Manager

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