Tagging a Microsoft Word Mail Merge Document

Microsoft Word® provides a Mail merge Wizard that enables the creation of data-driven documents.  A data-driven document is one in which you insert placeholders where you want information from the fields in your database to appear within the report.  If your database has a field containing e-mail addresses, you can send different sections of a report to selected e-mail addresses.  For example, if you are sending invoices, you might insert the e-mail address of your clients' account payable contact into the invoice page header so that each invoice is sent to the correct client contact person.  All of the pages associated with the same e-mail address will be combined into a single PDF file.

The best way to insert a PDF-eXPLODE tag into a Word document is to type it directly into the page header.  Only pages that begin with a PDF-eXPLODE tag will be included in a PDF file.

Insert a PDF-eXPLODE Tag


If you are using a Message ID Tag, for example invoice, then your tag would look as follows: